Kenyan cop vs Tanzanian cop. Which is worse?

@T255 ajibu mashtaka.



Tz cops very snobbish

What does that mean?

Tanzanian justice system is the worst.

Coz hakuna hongo kama kenya?

Because cops can hold you indefinitely unlike Kenya where you must be taken to court within 24 hours and bail is a constitutional right.

It’s not heaven, why do people think there’s no bribing there? Things are different when you interact with the people there

Zamani Naekana Saccos za akina @Wanaruona used to use the Tarakea border route to go to Taveta…

On entering the Tanzania section of the journey, they used to drive at 50 k/hr throughout coz polisi wa huko hawananga akili.

Wakiona hizo shuttles they stop to check vitu za upuss

Why do people even bother to go to TZ on road trips or holidays , when there is Watamu,Wasini Diani and recently Cape Town was opened up which are way better.I have never liked the passive aggressiveness of those people. I also would never go back to that place unless in a circumstance I can’t avoid.

just because hamna freedom of expression to criticize the govt haimaanishi hamna ufisadi tz, i’ll even say tz is just as corrupt as ke

wanajiskia sana and will fine you at the slightest provocation

Ukiwa Tanzania fuata sheria. Acha ujanja ujanja. Tutajuaje kama gari umeliiba?

Most cops all over East Africa won’t hesitate to stop a Kenyan registered vehicle because of our ease to bribe handsomely.

Endesha gari ya maana,hizi mashida hutazipata!!!

they love Kenyan curren$y

Ukipea a Ugandan or Tanzanian cop kshs 100 that’s a lot going by local standards.

If a wealthier nation was bordering kenya, our traffic police would milk them dry

Kenya is a superpower compared to shitty banana republic Tanzania

wanaitanga Nai “kwa pesa”