Kenyan chimpanzees now killing innocent hard working junguus?

Fort Worth delivery driver was killed by a naked Kenyan man who beat him to death with the firewood he was delivering, Texas police say.

The 27-year-old suspect, Christantus Omondi, who is now in jail and charged with murder was staying at an Airbnb adjacent to a homeowner where the delivery man was on duty. Omondi attacked him before retreating to the BnB where he was picked up by authorities.

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Was a woman involved?

There are some people who are just Kenyan by name.


Hehe, you are heartbroken. The tone tu ya title Ina machos tupu.


Mental illness

No. That’s typical jaruo behavior on a good day


Tangu jaruo atombe mamako hauna amani hauna peace no wonder makamasi imefunika your brain kama foreskin ya the mighty @Agwambo

Unajua kitu huuma mtu kama ni ukweli. Otherwise you’d have just laughed it off.

Juzi kuna jaruo zilikata mama kichwa na zikaiba ugali ilikuwa haijaiva kwa sufuria na omena goro goro mbili. Mru anaua juu ya ugali na omena, how do you describe that if not as typical behavior on a good day.

If am lying I dare you to go setup a mansion in ndhiwa or sianda and live there in comfort with your brethren. Otherwise you’re scared of the typical behavior you will encounter