Kenyan Car Culture?

[ATTACH=full]93530[/ATTACH]Good representation of our car scene?

maybe a cross section of the great run annual road trip


Ice pubes in the centre with the sky blue Forester

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I find Kenyans as with everything have to follow the crowd. The way they dress, where they live and of course what they drive. Subaru is a nice car don’t get me wrong but I don’t like the way it is seen as the ultimate boy racer machine. The scene then become very montonous.

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Fake culture… Mitumba cars… Wannabes wengi… Cant relate


@vuja de ungetoa hiyo Toyota Olwenda ya white hapo nyuma inaharibu picha.


i have never seen a diffrent btn a toyota and a subaru

Sigh…How does a 60 yr old country (batman is older) that doesn’t manufacture motor vehicles have a car culture?

Unless ni 2nd hand importation culture, hawa ni watu wa rural-urban migration wanasumbua


Don’t have to manufacture vehicles to have a scene.

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can’t relate, I am yet to get my beloved VR4 Mitsubishi Galant twin turbo 2500 CC like this one . You may call it a mtumba but that does not change the fact that it is a great car.

and the people that label it mtumba cars do not have an idea what car culture is. Even countries like Slovenia and Finland have vibrant car cultures and they do not manufacture cars. And most of their cars are imported. It involves tuning your cars and comparing notes and exchanging ideas or knowledge and generally having fun. Most people show up with their weekend-only cars. But anyway the bitterness can be understandable


And what car do you drive sir?

huyo anaishi South B au C na anapanda matatu za Tel A Viv. :smiley: tumemuona sana kwa comments


Tafuta ktalk utaziona

hapana Mutiso I just whited out the faces to preserve their privacy but siko hapo

What do you want people to have? AgricultureÂż

That is such an ignorant reasoning: You should only love what you make.

In that case, zungumza Kiswahili pekee manake lugha ya wosia wako ni Kiingereza na si tamaduni yetu.


Kumbe unajua vitu zinafanya waafrika mmbaki at the bottom of the hierarchy. Even white trash believes he’s better than you.

Mlisema lazma muimbe na kisungu ndio Kenyan music iende international, Diamond Platnumz akawaprove wrong.
Mkaringa ati kisungu italeta factories hapa, sahi wako Ethiopia na wataprefer huko

Kenya tuko sawa lakini tuacheni kujidai sana. Ati car culture na ulilelewa ocha hadi form four.

Hizo nchi ziko na automobile industry. Hizo kampuni zote zinatengeneza magari hazioni value ya kuja kutengenezea 50mirrion Kenyans cars, na vile unaringa uko na weekend-only cars.

Sasa kupigia watu kelele na sub woofer kwa gari ili kupata attention ama kukompensate hiyo dick small ndio tuning? Ati sharing ideas, msikuwe try-hards na vitu umeona kwa music video

Oh dear, what ignorance. I regret giving you attention. To each their own.

In short you are a traditionalist that lives in a grass-thatched house with no outside interference or influence? No mobile phone, no electricity. You are pure like that

Even online forums are a foreign concept. Being part of one makes you a try-hard according to you.

So let others enjoy their hobbies since they are not setting your grass-thatched house on fire. and if you feel seeing them enjoy their hobbies reminds you of your miserable and underwhelming life, it means you are not following your own rules by being in an online forum where different people with common hobbies meet

Evidently, you can’t contextualize. You think a forum and a try-hard car culture are the same? One is just another day of Kenyans being passive adopters of foreign concepts they have little clue about.

That subwoofer and rims car culture is the same as foods termed as junk, elsewhere, becoming a status symbol in your car culture society.

If you can’t take an opinion, I guess you don’t belong in a forum.

Ati underwhelming life, acha jokes. So what if I don’t have two second hand cars with a combined value of $50,000? The only real wealth is health