kenyan boychild is doomed

The kenyan girlchild is getting her money right, getting educated, starting businesses, building decent homes etc while the Kenyan boychild is busy drinking alcohol, discussing football and village politics. It will be worse in the next 20 years. Women will be the house-heads .

Rongo tupu. Both genders of this generation are a confused lot. The girls are waiting for sponsors and the boys as you said are just good at sitting idly talking about village politics and soccer. I see a disturbing trend of wazees going after young girls nowadays. Umalaya na ukimwi will be on an upward trajectory.

Upuss men account for 2/3 of the wealth generated in any country. Ndiyo maana unaskia ujinga ya wage gap

New trend kweli? Wazees have always gone after young girls since biblical times.

No tangible statistics to back this up.

girl child with money generally not interested in marriage so many will be single mums

no need of stats… stat reports are scams. Just go to your nearest village and count for yourself. Young men are busy at the shops playing pool, drinking and football fanatism and this has nothing to do with unemployment. Very many girls these days no matter their escapades are getting educated and sticking to school

How are the girls getting the favours, they will be the heads of husbandless families.

Hapa ni kama sirkal ya M7 ,you will never reason,speak the truth or leverage an opinion. Some villagers have little or no tolleration to pluralism.Suppressing freedom of opinion, in order to maintain complete supremacy is the currency here. Tostesterone ndio mingi thats why kuna madame kadhaa legit but kuongea itakua vita. Where i live kuna nyumba saba zinajengwa na zote ni za tudame,watatu najua work outside wote wako below 35. Large number ukicompare machali tuko na families maybe ni nne,i concur with you,young men are under sieke and pretty soon wataanza kuitisha fare

Now thats generalizing.Alot of moneyed girls would rather be childless to the point of tieing the tubes.Going by your assumption,will that hinder anything beside the fact of the matter of the kenyan boy who talks football and eats politics?. Mind you majority come from nucleic families.

Most of my female colleagues blow their money on bullshit. Some make 6/7 figures in month but spending habits ni zile zile

Women and consumerism go hand in hand

I agree. Most ladies are into materialistic things not investment.

Uongooo… Hao kuma holders wanaanza biz si wanapora boychild… Bila boychild ni kidogo tu ndio wataweza kuweka hizo biz… Alafu akili inakuaga mbele ya nguvu always…

Si you introduce me to those ones, I am a good guardian on matters pocket.

Back to Basics …

Starting with our Top Leadership there is a lack of Social Discipline and good Role Models …

Our young one end up apeing what they are exposed to on Social Media platforms …

We need a Kagame or Magufuli to fix this mess …

In which universe did you hear a man needs a woman to prosper?
The laws of nature dictate a woman will need a man at some point… unless she’s one of these confused mammals currently masquerading as independent

used to have a female colleague who was paid almost double my salary and before mid of the month she was broke as hell couldnt fuel her car, brought stinking Omena to the office despite having a Sponyo who takes her on trips to Dubai and Zanzibar hio gender haina akili kabisa. She ended up setting us UP to HR just for mere theft ya kuchonga BQs after she realized we were balling out here.

tombwa rasa ghassia

Uko na umbea kama mama fua