Kenyan Banks and Privacy

You would have to provide proof that indeed they accessed your account without authorization… But first you would have to make a formal complaint about this… what would the complaint be? Any tangible evidence on your part?

Damn this can easily make you a target account ikishiba poa. Solution ni kucheza mobile money ~ crypto currency

Wacha ata bankers. Telco staff have ur call and text and browsing data a click away. So incase u have a relative, galfriend or boyfriend…u have nowhere to hide. And infact some crimes u see are somehow related to the access of this info. But there is nothing u can do about it.

That is true! I bet that if it became our right to ask for access logs to our data inside the Telcos, it would result in multi-billion suits against the companies… some accesses have resulted in real murders… we are in a sh–hole nation and even the regulator is actually in bed with them… i bet that the CA has the capacity to ask for sample reports of access and audit the logs…

I am imagining a situation where kidnappers in collaboration with bankers are able to identify kidnapping targets based on their bank accounts. Lakini on second thoughts, it’s poor people who put their money in banks while the rich come to borrow. Zero sum game

Kenyans ni wajuaji sana. :D:D:D

sikusema hapa china, nilisema “kule china.”

So that makes any difference according to your small brain?? Both mean that youve been there

I read a lot, najua vitu hujui. Sio lazima nikuwe nimeenda huko ndio nijue moja mbili tatu kuhusu China.

And thats why you are stupid… Please tell us what you have experienced and not what you hear… Labda wenye hukwambia ni watu kama huyo talker brother yako muongo

Halafu value ya kusoma itakuwa gani? Tukubali mwenye alisema ukitaka kumficha mwafrika siri iweke kwa kitabu alikuwa right? Tujilimit kwa zile vitu tunahisi kwa kushika na kuona tu pale nyumbani, ivyo ndio unataka?

Mujamaa… I said TELL US what you have experienced… I dint say usisome… Wewe soma lakini vitu za kusoma jiwekee… Sisi utuambie tu chenye umejionea

come to my village you experience for yourself. vitu za kuambiwa, vile tu umesema, tuwache. kuja hapa mau forest ujionee chenye nimejionea, sababu hauna heshima wa wasomi.

Do they have the actual messages someone sent?I thought similar to whatsapp they are only allowed to record the time a message was sent and not the actual message…

Isn’t crypto too risky to put all of your money into.
What about opening offshore accounts where your most bankers in your country won’t access?

Tangible evidence kama Recorded audio ama?

Access Logs… with timestamps and User IDs

Offshore ni ya birrioneas

Crypto has outperformed every asset class many times over and that is just bitcoin

Wewe ni Mwalimu mjinga sana…

Peleka pesa yako Mauritius and only have 20 % of your cash in Kenyan banks.