Kenyan Banks and Privacy

How easy is it for a bank employee to access Another person’s Bank account details without authorisation?
i.e balance,Previous transactions and so on

I closed my equity account coz my friends at the bank used to access it then call me saying…“budaa unahitaji kaloan,naona umekuwa mzito account ishasema” …then when broke they would call and say …" kwani ulifungua account ndio upate ATM ya kunonesha wallet" they were my campus buddies and I guess they thought they were being funny.

You must have felt very pissed off,People violating your privacy like that…
Were the campus buddies On internship ama They were actually on the payroll?


Very very very easy

Easier than you think. Al IT folks, bank tellers, managers, etc. Infact its only cleaners and tea ladies who dont have access


Very sad indeed… But in order to serve you, they need some access to your account (at least read only)… but all this access is auditable… they know who actually viewed your account and what time…

io ni ujinga ya Africa tu. Kule China bank balance ikipita million kadhaa ni senior managers only wanaeza access io account na kujua iko na pesa ngapi, ikipita hapo juu zaidi ata branch manager atakwambia sina uwezo, your account is above my level for balance enquiries and any services only the regional manager can serve you

Hii ulijua siku mliendea loan ya SGR ama???

eti ‘kule China’

Jinga kabisa

Anataka kuwa kama brother yake Mimi Huingizwa Ndani

Na cousin yake @TallMkuniajiEverywhere

Your question is like asking how much access does a doctor treating your gonorrhea have over your private parts.

So it’s better kuwa na offshore accounts?

So if they know who viewed your account without authorisation,why can’t they punish those people?

So hawa bankers always stalk their friends,neighbours and anyone else they want because they can?
This is just so Sad.

Hakuna loan ya IMF inakuja,change your lifestyle buana,hard time coming your way soon


Ata a dummy account of an employee inaweza view balances

Yes. Very easy. Ukikatia a bank employee na aingie box jua alicheck your bank account akaona ni nono and vice versa