kenyan bank cards accepted by Internationa vendors

To those of you who do online shopping globally from Alibaba to amazon which Kenyan electronic bank cards are widely accepted by international Vendors? ama which payments methods do you guys use?

Equity visa na master cards. Ya Co-op nilijaribu ikakataa.

Hey did you say Equity visa n mastercards are acceptable?between which btwn the two is better and can you have the two at the same time or you can only be given one ?

cba loop (mastercard)

cba ni benki ya wadosi ama wakulima wadogo (peasants) waharuhusiwa pale pia ?

They are but you need to activate it kwa branch kwanza

Not much difference between the two

ok thanks for the heads up

I use a prepaid KCB pepea card for all of my online transactions. You load what you require through mpesa and in four years I have never had any issues.

so you dont experience any hitches with the KCB pepea card ? are you required to keep activating it at the branches ama its a smooth sailing all the way

Been using the Safaricom I&M Mpesa Visa Card bila issues, ikona online portal to manage the card…


Tell me about this card is it acceptable in most stores ,I hear you don’t have to have an account with I&m to get the card? what are the cons and pros

You can only load it via mpesa, used it for amazon, ebay, aliexpress, etc used it on the road too swiping in dubai, tz, zambia etc. Once experienced a slight delay in the mpesa funds registering on the card account talked to customer care and it was sorted…

Yeah you dont need to have an account with I&M, it has served my purpose so far.

as long as it’s a Mastercard or visa, it is accepted. I don’t think you need any special “card”. I have been using my visa(chasebank and kcb) mastercard(cba) with no issues.
but be careful when using local sites(ecitizen) they stole my card details and bought online stuff with it.

Thanks buddy for enlightening me will see if I can apply for one .

Thanks for enlightening me on the same I may consider applying for one .

Thanks buddy for enlightening me the downside with Equity bank Visa is that you have to keep activating it at the branches .is the any procedure required with the kcb Visa cards ?

none that I know off

You only activate ONCE. Actually its more of revising the limit as the default is 2,000 so you revise upwards depending on the nature of your transactions

If you use it bila doing that, it wont work

A KCB VISA card should work without hitches. The good thing after this transactions is that you’ll receive SMS notifications when you’re executing anything online.

THanks i have one with that assurance i think its time i started using it for shopping