Kenyan ambassador to S.Sudan has died

What was Gedion Moi’s mission to South Sudan a few hours before his father died?

Why was it so important?

You are telling us or asking us?

Huyu ni Ruto anamaliza witnesses

What Gideon makes in that shithole of a country is what Ruto will never make here even if he stole a quarter of our national budget…its painful, I know. Time Ruto also diversified and did business out there…he can a start a war in Tanzania for all we care bora wizi isifanyike hapa. The likes of Museveni and his brother salim together with kagame are good at this…they rarely touch their own people’s money…they benefit from war elsewhere…Time he benchmarked from them


another rumour in the brewing pot:D:D:D:D:D:D