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[SIZE=3]Dr Herod III, Senior Kenyatalk Analyst & visiting fellow of The Mogoka Base school of government[/SIZE]

Iko na kazi mingi,waambie watoe hio upuss ya location ,price,na ujinga mingi mingi. Waweke mbisha then tuendelee kutoka hapo with one click. Its such a waste of time if i move from one classified to the next and i have to put my prefferences,location,blood type,gang affiliation,denomitation…


Bana wee.Karibu waulize ‘with a condom or without’.

“unaingiza ama unatoa?”:D:D

1st January 2021 hii site itakua dead inside a coffin in the graveyard which is full of websites started by people who think a website is a business and who operate a website without a business plan document. Anybody can do a website these days. Hakuna kitu unatuambia kama unatuonyesha site umefanya, you should be telling us why we should use the site and what value we will get by using your site. Posting jobs and izo vitu zote already Craigslist and JIJI and the likes does that perfectly.