Kenya Yetu


Our githeri media na kitu inaitwa doing due diligence on subjects hata basic 101Journalism principles of truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness, and public accountability. Vitu unfaa apply for the acquisition of honest newsworthy information before it’s subsequent dissemination to the public. Nakumbuka nikiwa Canada pale Calgary yule muhindi alipita na pesa za wathii wa trade bank sijui ilikuwa in the 90’s ama nini. Alikuwa anataka, infact alikuwa ame declare his interest to run for Calgary mayor. Mimi na ujanja yangu nilikuwa nime discover na kuingia iyo association yao ya Indo-Africans which was basically made up of Indians originally from east Africa. They were loaded as fuck too. Apparently it was open for other Africans too but I was the only nigger who was a paid member n never told other nuccas it was possible to join. Niliandika ma nigger wengi job kwa izo production floor zao. Sasa huyo jamaa alikuwa ameni tap kaa chief adviser/ campaigner with regard to the black community/ immigrants in general. I was to get my own office n a staff or two. I was gonna quit my job to work with him fulltime. Hadi tulikuwa na a gentleman agreement ya pay and a promise for a job at city all if we win and if not he was going to give me a position at his business if I wanted. Ilikuwa imebaki tuweke in writing. Man I was fucking pumped. Hadi the media start digging skeletons.Mara stori za trade bank sijui nini. Corruption scandals back in Kenya sikaanza ku surface. Za Canada nazo pia sikaanza … vile jamaa alikuwa haki patia tenants kwa low income units zake free 3 month rent with condition of moving out after … apparently so he could take it down to build upscale condos. Shit went to hell … n he quietly withdrew. Nikarudi default.