Kenya won’t need our aid in four years as economy significantly grows, says Netherlands

The Netherlands just endorsed our significant economic growth by outlining that we wouldn’t need their aid in 4 years. The worst affected are the NGO’s and suitcase social media activists.
The National Treasury building in Nairobi. FILE PHOTO | SALATON NJAU | NATION MEDIA GROUP

By BRIAN NJOROGE, [email protected]

The Netherlands says it will stop giving Kenya aid in the next four years on account of the country’s “significant” economic growth. The Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Lilianne Ploumen, told the Dutch Parliament this week that the relationship between The Netherlands and Kenya — after 2020 — can be labelled “trade partners” only, hence the decision to scrap aid. Ms Ploumen said in a statement outlining the new direction between the two countries that the Kenyan economy had grown significantly over the past decade. The move is expected to impact Dutch support for programmes in Kenya ranging from good governance and human rights, business climate, food security, environment and sanitation as well as culture and sports. The Netherlands and Kenya have been close development partners since independence in 1963. The total amount of Dutch development via channels other than the bilateral channel was estimated at Sh16.9 billion (€150 million) in 2011, according to Dutch official figures.

This includes contributions to more than 30 co-financing organisations — about Sh2.8 billion (€25 million a year). The financial support flows to Kenya via NGOs and UN organisations. In 2011, the Netherlands spent about Sh1.5 billion (€13 million) on development cooperation with Kenya.

Dutch bilateral development cooperation with Kenya started in the early years of Kenya’s independence.
After the inauguration of President Kibaki in 2002 and based on his economic recovery plan, the Netherlands intensified the development cooperation.

Kenya’s GDP increased to $55.2 billion in 2013 after rebasing from $44.1 billion, a 25.3 per cent jump, surpassing the government’s prediction of 20.6 per cent.


Those billions were looted…

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Ngoja uone vile utaletewa feelings za dame anaPMS

Which one, be specific unless you mean the NGOs one. They should ask for a refund. I could offer my new stalker as collateral. He he…

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wacha umeffi ,unajua nini kuhusu pms,ama wewe huwa nazo?

Tokomea mbali, meffi ya raila. Kwani wewe umeishi na sausage tupu maisha yako yote haujawai kutana na mwanamke? Ama ndio maana unaomba kuma kila mahali? Ndio maana unakuwanga umejaza ushoga

Ouch hiyo uppercut.

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Politicians and wheeler dealers in government loot a cool 400billion every year. a billion a day.

Share source of the info.

take a walk to parliament and kindly ask for PAC,PIC reports dating back to 1987…

Our national budget in 2002 was 300 billion in total, tulikula mpaka minus!!!


You need to be reasonable… my point is in respect to when started having budgets of 1.2 trillion and above… 1/4 to 1/3 of the budget.

Let start with the source first then lets fact check the claim, blanket statements can come from anywhere.

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Yaani the Dutchies have identified growth significant enough to stop aid, but that growth is caused by looting?

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He he, this wisdom you possess will one day harm you. This looting is growing the economy…he he


that aid has been going to a bottomless pit…

You just ropoka nonsense but have little command of the subject matter.


True, if knew anything about Netherlands development aid (NEDA) then you would understand why we are laughing with @Nattydread

It has been a wallet for “activists”, Ngo’s and little to government. Hapa watu wanachomeka wanajijua


:D:D:D:D I think hii ndio HKM!


Kenya is indeed a lion. If we can lose that much and still standing, then nothing will ever kill us!