Kenya Will End Up With Only ONE Olympic Gold

In 3000 steeple chase.

Thank you too for breaking this good news. Your negativity is beyond reproach. Your Tanzania is bagging the one sausand medal as we speak.


Prophet of Doom.

We shall continue to support hata bila medals

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You have too much bile.

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ION: 10, 000 metres men final was epic, Mo farah alianguka n came back to win the race, Kudos Paul tanui kwa silver

Tanzania hadi sasa mna ngapi?

Typical alai chieth!!! miserable human being.

The level of chaos , incompetence and disorganisation at the Kenya Rio camp is staggering .

Alai, go back to Facebook slum. Hapa huna followers.


Jaruo kwani David Rudisha hakimbii?

If Ezekiel Kemboi is there no one’s beating him that’s for sure. That guy is 34 but runs like a 18 year old whose about to get laid at the finish line. There will be Gold in 800m especially with David Rudisha and his 3 rivals. Probably a sweep but there will be a Gold here. I think the Marathon too with Eliud Kipchoge who was shot of breaking the World Record by only 8 seconds during the recent London Marathon just 3 months ago. Maybe Yego might win but after being embarassed at JKIA, it’s hard to tell. So here are the Facts; We have the best 800m athlete in recorded history. The 2nd best Marathon runner in recorded history and the best 3,000m Steeple Chase runner at Rio 2016 and 6th best in recorded history. I say a minimum of 3 Golds based on statistics but sh*t happens. Kweli ama Urongo?


hii self hate ni mob sana

You’re a wet blanket, perpetually seeking to dampen the happiness and joy of others!

Bronze medal for Rudisha

Happy to MPESA you Kenya shs 200,000 for the two Gold medals.

LOOOL…I will be back here next Sunday after the Mens Marathon (Final Event) ndio tu analyse kama hypothesis yangu ilikuwa correct ama porojo tu. Acha nienjoy kuona hiyo street tour of Rio De Janeiro in the Women’s marathon and then watch the Arsenal VS Liverpool game later on. That marathon is making me feel thirsty so acha nianze kuorganize hiyo Tusker baridi. You have a good one Jakoyo.

Kenya Will End Up With Only ONE Olympic Gold

And Jakoyo machuki Na umbeya will wank to it. Meffi

women marathon… finally!

Prophet of doom… Potelea mbali. Gold tunayo…hata silver ni yetu from a distance courtesy of Eunice Kirwa for Bahrain

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