Kenya wants free visa pact with Somalia.

What has changed? Kenya recently accused Somalia of being. And quote: Not “safe”

Will this mean Kenyan police would stop harassing Somali citizens based in Kenya and stop the famous reference of ATM

“Safe” ?
Somalia is [SIZE=7]unsafe[/SIZE]. That is not opinion or kusingiziwa.
Just a few days before the IGAD some government building was blown up in Moqdishu.
And probably many more since then.
Please, enjoy your jihad in peace.

Kenya shouldnt go ahead with this pact…heri tufanye na Ethiopians…Somalis are trouble to us…

You don’t need a visa to enter Ethiopia as a Kenyan. The only country allowed this privilege in the whole world.
You only need a valid passport for 365 days entry. On the other hand Ethiopians don’t need a visa to Kenya but the stay is 90 days only.


uhuru anachekacheka tu na akina amina mohammed na duale akisahau somalis are bigger tribalists than any tribe in kenya ndiyo maana nchi yao haina amani.

hii ni proposal ameskumiwa na amina to favor her people na juu uhuru ni babylon everybody pleaser, he just okays such a stupid proposal without thinking.

Lol seems you can’t read, I wasn’t arguing about whether Somalia is safe or not I was quoting Kenya, how they argued Somalia being not safe and now are entering free visa pact with Somalia.

To answer your question, Somalia is indeed safe, Al shabaab does not attack only Somalia; they attack Kenya daily. In fact, when they attack Somali buildings, or puplic gatherings, they use sucide bombings. In Kenya, they attack you on a daylight, ie Westgate, Garisa uni. So which is it?

This visa free will allow more Somalis into Nairobi and you know more business to take over.:rolleyes::):smiley:

You are deluded.

allah cock sucker alert!!!