Kenya vs Zanzibar- CECAFA 2015

Naskia maboyz wanakamuliwa kamu kamu

3-0 na game bado.

Unpaid allowances of upto 50k per player. Ni kama wameamua acha Nyamweya akuje acheze

ata mi naona ivo, they must’ve been protesting the unpaid dues

Kalejins run all the time without the support of AK and sometimes run without shoes and emerge world beaters.
You can and will never mix sports with politics.


Nothing like protest.

The coach made 8 fucking changes to his starting line-up. He brought in some new guys but they were overwhelmed, especially in mid and defence.

Before you blame the loss on other things, blame the players for failing to live up to the expectation. Every time a player wears that Kenyan Jersey, they should know they have the responsibility to make Kenya proud. Blame the technical bench too. Bobby Williamson is not so technically apt. He underrated the Zanzibari’s and they punished like the clueless coach that he is.

but that’s coz AK doesn’t pay the athletes when they win outside Kenya…they only handle awards by government

what if the coach had to make the changes coz of the latter striking??

Athletics can’t be compared to soccer. Except for the Olympics, every other competition athletes take part in has prize money as motivation, usually in the millions.
Even for the Olympics, the tag of 'reigning Olympic champion ’ is enough to guarantee an athlete millions in appearance fees and endorsements for the four subsequent years.
There isn’t any politics involved, just that patriotism doesn’t pay bills and those who most often call on others to be patriotic are usually well fed fatcats

Team hustrike yote. Ushaiskia half of the team members wamestrike?

As long as we have mediocre players who walk with a swagger in town believing they got more talent than Lewis Hamilton, then expect many many more of such displays and disappointments.


Hii attitude ni common sana na Kenyan players. As if the other countries do not have talent :frowning:

case in point, AFC leopards walienda go slow hadi ikabidi kuleta watu wa reserve wajaze team, even an infield player had to take the goal keepers position

the govt is not doing its part in providing the necessary support, when did you last see the president, the dp or even the CS wa sports attending their games…

Not only in Kenya. Ghana, Cameroon and Nigeria have faced similar problems during world cup tournaments.

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Is that the kind of support required to win games?

you don’t see the German Chancellor and British prime minister attending their nation’s matches to pledge their support from the highest office in the land??

Guys these players have to pay rent, feed their families and pay medical bills. They cannot play for free.
If you want players to play for free then make that clear from the beginning so that those who need money can seek alternative employment.

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That is very true. Once we motivate them and settle their allowances, we can ask them to give their best.

Some of the ignorance displayed on this thread is mind boggling. Kenya players function under very difficult conditions, sometimes going months without pay, sometimes no medical cover, contracts not honoured, training under poor facilities etc.

I do not expect kina Ruto to attend games. But they should at least facilitate good performances by doing basic things like:

  1. Do not grab land from primary schools. If you grab land then the stars of tomorrow will have nowhere to sharpen their skills.
  2. Provide land on which the top teams can build training grounds: Most KPL teams do not even have dedicated training grounds so how can players do extra work to sharpen their skills?
  3. Provide good security at stadia and arrest hoodlums who cause trouble. This will encourage people to attend
  4. Incentivize the private sector to sponsor sports teams
  5. Arrest and charge people who steal money. Nyamweya for example should be in jail by now

And other basic actions

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