Kenya Vs TZ SGR. Similarities & Differences, Costs, Length & More

The cost of phase 1 of the Kenyan SGR (Mombasa-Nairobi) project was $3.6bn at current rate) and covers 472 km. phase 2A, from Nairobi-Naivasha, which is 120km estimated cost is $1.5 billion.

On the other hand, Tanzania SGR estimated cost is $1.92bn and covers 422km. 300km rail line between Dar es Salaam and Morogoro will cost $1.2bn.

Kenya’s SGR is very expensive per kilometer but has the advantage of Double Stacking Shipping containers thereby doubling haulage.


Weren’t the prices for ours inflated due to expensive land costs?

Watcha warelease contract…hio ndio msema kweli.

True I don’t think electric train carry much. As far as I know electric train is mostly used as passenger trains

Upus… Weka total land compensation hapa as percentage of the total cost tuone…

Ni kiuriso tu.

Very true. Even in developed economies they still use Diesel locomotives for cargo haulage. It is cheaper per ton

Cost correction. The Tanzanian project will cost $7.5b on completion.TZ has already used $3b. The $1.9 being referred to is only a part of project given to Turkey to perform. Don’t believe half stories.

Tanzania’s $7.5 billion electrified Standard Gauge Railway nears completion | Pulselive Kenya

Wanabongo itabidi waanze kuuza mcoosh ndo walipe deni mzito hivo.

acha kuskiza watu huenda kuskiza siasa kwa muuzaji gazeti