Kenya Vs Tanzania. Nani Wako Mbele Matters Infrastructure, Quality Of Life

This dodgy question has been a matter of contention between the citizens of these two East African nations. Bitter exchanges online quickly degenerate into insults with TZs saying that Kenyans can’t feed themselves and Kenyans hitting back by saying Tz exports nothing but beggars to Kenyan towns.

Here are solid facts though.

[li]KENYA is East Africa’s biggest economy[/li][li]KENYA exports more goods to Tanzania than Tanzania exports to Kenya.[/li][li]More Kenyans have access to Electricity than TANZANIANs [/li][li]TANZANIA is MORE food secure than KENYA[/li][li]KENYA suffers more from tribalism than TANZANIA[/li][li]KENYAN democracy is 25 Years ahead of TANZANIA’S (You can’t mess around with CCM while in the opposition, utanyamazishwa na risasi)[/li][/ol]

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A country which cannot feed itself has no authority to compare itself with a nation which can feed its people.

Tanzania only scores in one, food security

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