Kenya vs Sudan

Our eternal inheritance from our forefathers was sold to foreigners for a few millions of dollars.[ATTACH=full]442529[/ATTACH]

Ilemi triangle now belongs to South Sudan.
Ata ivo, all is not lost. Both Paul Malong and Salva Kiir qre forever indebted to Gideon Moi (the richest man in East Africa)

Blame it on the british monarchs…mimi ningekuwa Ugandan under Mzito Museveni.

nonsense, Ilemi triangle belongs to Kenya.

sisi hatuna shida, bora wasikule pesa zote peke yao bila kutupea shares zetu kila wakiuza.

Ilemi triangle is “technically” administered by Kenya. Well, at least we are the only Country among the contesting countries that operates an FOB within close proximity to the area; as well as conducting air patrols periodically and have the capacity and capability to deploy a military force projection within short notice. But practically, it’s an ungoverned space. A true wild west.

Kwani how many square kilometres is this triangle ?

Are there any meaningful mineral resources on the triangle ?

There is this

Where did you get information that it ever belonged to Kenya? Because creators of the 3 nations, decided to leave it unchartered territory.

I used the words “Technically administered” and an ungoverned space … cuz