Kenya vs Somalia maritime boundary dispute

Live now from the Hague

Damn ! ! ! ! ! ! Live wapi :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: hata link jameni?

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KTN NEWS Channel

case has being thrown out…delimitation dispute has to be agreed between parties

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Niaje @mkiawakati96 . Naulisaa, waeza kurudia hii statement kwa lugha ya taifa hata pia mimi nielewe…


hee…he! hapo ni ngumu sana aaaiii se! kwa kifupi Somalia case yao haiko…itabidi wayeyekee

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wacha upuss kesi inaenda full hearing hague


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nimekubali…ktn ni meffi sana wamenipotosha

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Kenya didn’t take this matter seriously, the defence put up by AG and team is simply tiring, too weak. no convincing arguments from their desk. Seems they took it as a joke all while.

Secondly, what happens if Somalia wins which is a possibility considering the kind of defence the country previously mounted @ the first hearings. Will Kenya surrender the water mass?

Kenya may threaten Somali exit but that’s a weak card, Karim Khan just got a new opening.

how competent is Githuchieth as far as i can remember he has never won for kenya any case .

If we take Somalia’s aproach then we also have to adjust our border with TZ