Kenya vs Rwanda

Very soon we shall be going there for bench marking on how to run a country and cities. We might say now that Rwanda is still backward which could be true but you can see from small steps they are making that they are indeed heading somewhere


Corruption and stupidity engrained in Kenyans minds. This will never end and things will get worse. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici


Rwanda is way ahead in many areas and catching up in all the rest …

The problem that we have in Kenya are the 2 Kenya KWISHA “Shareholder” misfits that are messing up the country …
And the “Tugeges” that vote for them …!!:rage:


Let me take this opportunity to let shareholders understand you don’t wake up one morning and say,a green road we can do,then you do.

You must have a functioning ‘ecosystem’ of management.From sewerage and drainage, movement and access, zoning and standards,blending etc etc

Hapa kwenu you buy high end garbage tracks only to realize their is a gap,how do we get the garbage effectively from where it is like houses,and how should we dispose it???


Point Hapo …

Visionless Kenya KWISHA Bottom Up Hustler Conmen Shareholders plus a “Tugege” mentality is a deadly combination …:rage:

Personally I know Kenyans are vulgar people in mindset, behavior, workset, workflow, and self conduct.


Kenya nduthi gang itaharibu within 2yrs na hawkers pia Wana haki yao


Imagine we started BRT by painting the roads :roll_eyes:

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Niaje Zoomx

You are just like those tugege. Kenyans are all the same whether in KK or in Assimiio. Corruption runs through the DNA of every Kenyan


Wakenya na ujuaji miingi wamekuwa vermin