Kenya visa application to UAE downgraded.



The West treats us the same kwa hii mambo. Even when you hold their passports, the looks you get when passing through the immigration gates tells you alot.
Ofcourse waarabu are the worst. There was a time it was much cheap to holiday in Tunisia. Never went back.

kenyan women and a few undisciplined singo mother bastards ndio wanatuharibia jina otherwise tuko sawa tu

ive never understood the fascination with dubai…an endless dusty desert with good buildings, been there apart from the shops hotels and racist Emirati s flexing their lambos whats there? Tbh id prefer bali, for the serenity, thailand if you are a sex tourist, namibia if the desert sand is your forte. There is absolutely nothing enjoyable in dubai fr.

an over-marketed over-hyped skycrappers jungle.

This is not about you low IQ budget tourists but the tens of thousands of Kenyans who make a living there.
Degree muhimu sana

Nilisema Kenya Kwanza will be a useless government mkasema mimi ni mshenzi. Oneni sasa.

Maybe Ibrahim Kahenya’s murder has something to do with it.

well if its about degrees then you should be keeping quiet. Anyway seems you are a recent graduate no wonder a single undergrad diploma fascinates you get a phd in gynaecology oncology then you can actually tell me to get a degree…

As the foremost scholar and consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist in this village and a professor of oncology, I put it unto you, with authority, that hakuna degree kama hii. Challenge me.

The issue is much deeper than that. Where we have individuals with questionable character entering and settling in Kenya unchallenged as we dish out our birth certificates, IDs and passports to any stray dog that lines up, our status is bound to suffer immeasurably. Couple that with illicit funds flows and proliferation of trade in contraband including hard drugs, hata jambas mwenyewe anaweza fungiwa nje.

Iq in this village baffles me. kindly re-read my statement thrice if you do not understand it kuja niambie ni explain using diagrams. sometimes its better not to post if you really cant comprehend a simple dialect.

Dubai is overrated

Piga ua hiyo academic dwarf. :D:D

Ako na degree ya ku label insects using computer packages such as MS Paint.


Malissa uyo senior salesman aka hawker kabisa…asante

Gynaecology and oncology are two distinct fields. You can get a PhD in gynaecological oncology na sio hio upuss ulikuwa umeandika, niwaigwa ngoma ithicagwo itina ta ngui?

Very true! Dubai has no soul . One can’t point out to its character.

wueh bado huelewi:D:D:D:D…ghassia acha nikuache hii siwezani umenimaliza:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D