Kenya Urgently Needs A Dictator

Kenya has become a total lawless country. People are looting money left right center from cabinet secretaries, governors, public servants e.t.c and nothing happens. The police is the most corrupt institution busy collecting bribes at the expense of people lives. To get a job nowadays in Kenya you must know someone or you must buy it. The cost of all the public projects are inflated in order for someone to eat something. Our courts are controlled by cartels that is why they stop any projects that is of beneficial to public. Our transport system Matatu is now controlled by cartels who would stop at nothing to protect their business. There is no any functional public transport system for a whole city like Nairobi not because it cannot be done but because the cartels of matatu will use all means to block it. Our universities are busy doing business by sellinng degrees and certificates. Tenderprenuers are all over the place making a kill. This country is surely heading to a ditch if nothing happens. I think we need a dictator like Kagame in our country. Let no one talk to me about Democracy it has proven to be one of the most dysfunctional system in Kenya especially with our culture of lawlessness. What we need ,now is a dictator with a vision and who is development conscious period

Like this one?


I think I said like Kagame of Rwanda

Ama pia you can try and become a Rwandan citizen.

@langatkipro in Kenya we don’t like dictators whether they’re well intentioned or just malicious. We like tough men such as Matiang’i but at the presidential level we want uji uji. At least that’s what it looks like

Moi was here. What ails Kenya is that that bad blood of corruption, nepotism, opportunism, etc. is in our blood, like a virus. Kibaki had a chance to change the situation but he didn’t. If you’re arrested today, will you accept spending a night in police cells and later be taken to the court or will you give out 500/- for them to release you?


where have you been? o_O:confused:

Haiiiiiiiiyaaaaaaaaa:(:(:frowning: …Someone must really hate his/her country. Please make it your new year resolution to read up what dictators have done to the citizenry around the world. Focus on Africa for starters. I won’t name them for you. Ngungu.
Hata afadhali we are left to live our miserable lives in some form of peace rather than have a dictator at the steering wheel. Unless of course you do not know what dictators do.

My head hurts already when I think of Idi Amin. Moi pales in comparison.

I think u never read my post well I did not talk about dictators Idi Amin style or the like of Isaak afewreki of Eriteria…whatever the name. I am talking of a dictator with a clear vision where he wants to take the country…one who bulldozes all the systems that be in order to achieve it. Just look at how Kagame has changed Rwanda since genocide ended

who in the list of the thousands of the many bukake clouded eye, greedy politicians around do you have in mind?


We don’t need a dictator and nor is corruption, nepotism, opportunism in our blood.

When Kibaki was first elected, we made huge strides but the politics of half bread saw the gains quickly undone. We need a few principled and honest strong leaders who can work without distraction supporting the president.
Slavery was abolished when just a few principled leaders lead by the 1st Duke of Wellington raised their hands backing the motion against slavery, the resisting slavery cartels and Barons sensed the game was up.


Benefits of dictatorship is outweighed by ills it brings. Uve said talked about rwanda am sure u are aware of their history and how tragedies like that shape the national psyche… Kenya and Rwanda are very different countries from economics to demograpics to history and what works for them will not work for us. The other big problem with dictatorship is that it creates a cult of personality in the country. Just look at our tribal king pins and imagine that on a national scale. When the country leader has so much power institutions do not develop and if the personality dies power grab that ensues is the likes that can take down a whole nation. My fren kenya is a great country we have our problems but we are a work in progress.

but Uhuru is a tribal King. He got to power because the kalenjins reached an agreement with Kikuyus to allow their tribal king ascend to power. He cannot exercise power properly because a big section of the country do not consider him their president.

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I ferking hate Magafuri

Mi ushindwa watu wana akili kidogo aje? How do you ensure that a dictator is development conscious and has a vision???
Most dictators including monarchs we know were/are uncontrollable destructive freaks that people regretted ever supporting and people had to sacrifice their lives to chase them away.

When Miguna Miguna-the only person who comes to what people are talking about contested for governor seat so that he lays a foundation to be president, majority of you here were saying that he is arrogant and dismissed him etc.So what do people in this country want?.I really think that we deserve what we are going through as a country,we talk about the leaders we want, then we elect the opposite…poverty,nepotism, corruption etc do not happen by mistake.Now elections are over and we are back to usual-water shortages,corruption,lawlessness,disorder etc.I don’t know if it is because our education base is low but a large number of Kenyans are some of the dumbest lot ever.Good thing i did not vote for NASA or JUBILEE top to bottom so my conscience is clean