Kenya uniform: majority of stalls sell same shit

Who controls what is sold ama ni copy paste ati ni fashion? Same flowery shirts and bright suit jacket, puff jacket, colored chinos, identical sneakers. Wtf!

Because it’s same cartel supplying. Those fake sneakers in kamukunji or eastleigh are supplied by like 10 Chinese only alafu kwa wingi so they flood the market. Nothing in kamukunji or eastleigh lasts

Hata kule yunared states chain stores sell same stuff all over US. Welcome to the 21st century way of doing business.

Makes alot of sense, the cartel lucks taste to say the least. The killer lady should be sent their way.

Not quite, they have many brands. I have bought clothes online and it’s possible I could own a unique shirt or shoe no one else is wearing. Years back it was the RL polo with big pony. Nkt. Can’t wear any polo anymore.

Kiosk mentality

Bob collymore used to call it the kiosk mentality.

Some few designers in Kenya decides

I beg to disagree. I have jeans and khaki trousers bought from Eastleigh and yes, they have lasted well and do not fade. I also buy socks there in dozens. Ukiwa na 450 unanunua a dozen of Quality socks meaning a pair ni Shs38 but kwa Street the same ni 150

Inaitwa mass production. You can’t profitably stitch a unique attire or shoe for each and every bonobo.
If you want unique, enda gikomba ama you visit a tailer or cobbler/ designer