Kenya tumeisha

Alshabab Duale is the minister of defense.

the Somali owes their allegiance to their clan and ethnic brothers across the borders first and foremost. That being said, hapa 254 utawapata in sensitive and security dockets… Utawapata in key military and police roles, in the interior ministry and intelligence, since pre-independence times when the British co-opted them into the services and since then imekua family trade father to son to uncle to nephew… Coupled with their ballooning population I wouldn’t be surprised by fifth column manenos in a quarter century tukianza kusumbuana na jirani kwa Horn of Africa or Shariah type laws infiltrating system

Nonsense reasoning. Somalis are very loyal. Hujawahi sikia General Mahmoud Mohammed ama Noor Gabbow? Wachana ummeffi kîhîî

Murkomeno ata kula za barabara tushangae

Loyal kama yule bibi wako alikuliwa akafanya uhepe planteshen?

i came to discover the Defence Minister is a ceremonial stupid post after momo Omamo kupewa hio kiti

Yes CDF call the shot.

Haiya! Kwani hii khasia ilibonyewa khupipi? @JuraMbitika leta hekaya buana