Kenya tuko mbele


Newscasters ought to be women. They are better at language skills than men. However gender differences are real. Any company wishing to get an edge over another will employ more men. Men take less time off than women, they get sick less, they tolerate long working hours better, they dont get pregnant and take maternity leave (imagine your ceo getting pregnant when your company is is in a do or die dual with your most bitter rival company!!), they are more aggressive, they are more logical. Societies that let men lead win, those that let women lead will start giving gold stars to weaklings in the name of equality for all.

I agree. That’s why most world powers are led by men

they should be a balance. Countries that have women leaders have handled covid-19 better

Go draw the mortality figures of all countries and see who had the least deaths. You will see that it has nothing to do with women leaders.

there are very few countries with women presidents and most of them are doing well when it comes to corona. am not saying countries with male presidents are all doing badly

Pandering to feminist talking points

Couldn’t agree more.

It has nothing to do with feminism women seem to be better managers of this pandemic because they mostly do care careers like nursing and teaching