Kenya To Elbow Out Ethiopia And Retake Pole Position Economy-Wise In The Region

Unaongea juu ya freedom badala ya kuongea about the economy

And lucky for us, there are no Kenyans who are suffering. In fact the Kenyans going to work as house helps (slaves) in the Middle East are only doing so for adventure.

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In short we are slaves with our own freedom and them are heroes without freedom. I prefer the later so as to preserve my dignity

I’d rather be a slave with an illusion of freedom than a hero without.
Isn’t life an illusion anyway? When you have nightmares, don’t you wake up trembling and sometimes crying because you believed it was real? Isn’t it possible then that perhaps right now you are in a dream? Why would you choose to preserve dignity, for whom anyway?


Iv lived abroad and iv seen one thing, you’ll never hear that there is someone from Botswana, south Africa or even Malawi leaving their country to go abroad easily. And when you see them, they come to study and go back to their country. You know the reason?

I do not. Tell me.

And do you know what’s fucked up, the other day I saw UK pleading with Arabs to hire Kenyans citizens to work for them. They went to sign an agreement with them so that they can hire Kenyan labor force. So fucked up. Instead of this Kenyan president sitting down with technocrats and see how those Arabs can open industries in kenya to hire Kenyans , anaenda huko to plead with them “brain drain” his own country. Totally misplaced priorities


these are countries that have straight forward leaderships. look at a country like Botswana read more about her president and government accountability. Your answer lies right there. Their citizens see no point of leaving their motherland . I saw UK last year pleading with Arabs the other day to please hire Kenyans in their countries. A Botswana president will never think of this unrealistic move .


We as Africans are pretty short sighted and I sometimes think it’s an inherent flaw in our DNA. Look at our politicians for instance, they spend most of their five years stealing money instead of delivering services to their electorate and then spend that money after 5 years to bribe the electorate to vote them back!!!
We are selfish and as a result, our leaders prefer to do projects with short term benefits so that they can shine and also to avoid starting projects that will benefit their successors.

Personally, I have made a decision to start looking at the bigger picture and for example make solid investments for my future to ensure I’m not part of the problem that is eating our country.



Kenya may soon export 100,000 workers to Saudi Arabia if negotiations between the two countries bear fruit while Qatar is willing to open its market for Kenyan meat

These are some of the wins the government achieved when it received high-profile visitors from the two countries this week.

Emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, was on a one-day State visit to Kenya on Tuesday and Saudi Arabia’s Commerce minister Majed bin Abdullah Al-Kassabi led a delegation of 70 people from the private sector and government officials for talks with Nairobi on Wednesday.

Resolutions seen by the Sunday Nation show that Saudi Arabia and Kenya agreed to work together on a number of issues.

However, it puts into question previous agreements Kenya has made with other countries.

In 2015, the government said it had secured 100,000 jobs in the United Arab Emirates and up to now nothing has been heard of the deal.

In the new deal with Saudi Arabia, the Middle East economic powerhouse, will negotiate with Kenya for skilled and semi-skilled workers such as nurses and technicians.

The two governments agreed to continue addressing the thorny issue of domestic workers who suffer in the hands of their employers in Saudi Arabia.

The Qataris agreed to put up Nairobi’s financial hub. Since 2014 Kenya has been angling to become Africa’s top financial hub but the lack of a legal framework has been a drawback.

The Emir and his delegation also agreed to support the completion of the Lamu Port South Sudan Ethiopia Transport Corridor project.

Which sane president advocates for brain drain in his own country. Someone answer me that. Do you know how much investment is put into these Kenyan youth only for them to go benefit another country because of failed policies?

no one wants to point this bigger truth, but then again, what do you expect from a $78b economy with 90m people. The emigrations will stop when their GDP is around $200b

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