Kenya, Tanzania court cases block 11 tonnes of GMO maize seeds

Four court cases have blocked the release of 11 tonnes of genetically modified maize seeds that were to be made available to farmers this planting season. The BT maize seeds had been planned for release to farmers by the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO) in the months of March and April. Developed by KALRO in its laboratories, the maize seeds that were to be availed at a subsidised fee had been undergoing testing in confined field trials in the country for years.

Wawache ujinga. Gmo sio mbaya

Hatutaki gmo. We want organic food.

Tanzania inaingilia wapi ?

Illiterate let me interpret for you . Tanzanian courts have blocked importation of 11 tonnes of gmo . The op want Kenya to learn from that precedent[ATTACH=full]494997[/ATTACH]