Kenya Talk to the dogs

Early in the morning I was fucking astonished. A villager posted kinyambis here claiming anauza 10k for an hour. WTF ! That shit has traumatized me! @administrator Kijiji yako inaangamia. For that I’m out! Naenda Senate Kwa wazee!

[SIZE=7]Not Kenya Talk to the dogs, rather [/SIZE][SIZE=7]Dogs to the Kenya Talk[/SIZE][SIZE=7].[/SIZE]

@K-RUPT alijiangusha banae. Hii mwaka wanaume Wana mashida lakini binadamu ni kung’ang’ana.


Meffi wewe. No one will miss you

kabisa jamaa analipua kabat good thing it was pulled down

Huyo ni Arab Bingwa

I actually got no problem with whoever was selling his ass. I have a serious problem with whoevwr takes everything here seriously
Yes. The place is a haven of info. But only a fool would consume all information without care.

Senate house iko open to everyone. [COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]#MIMIsiMeria

Pulled down and ze culprit sent to Kazakhstan for six months to reflect.


Aliamua hawezi sota hivo na amekalia beach plot

takataka wewe shemale

Sikuona hiyo gày thread. Ilikuwa ni Nani?

k rupt

Oh my!

You mean you were kamualing a puthy holder called Astonished??