Kenya Talk Mobile App

Hey guys why cant we team up and create a mobile up for this forum…Admins na wakubwa ongeeni msikike

I once saw the admin reply with the above pic. I don’t know if he meant that he was the goats or the guitarist.

Unapigia mbuzi guitar. The app will be coded in the Month of ‘It ain’t happening’ and will be launched in the month of ‘only in your dreams’.


Unataka app ya nini…we just land here from the fermament of the flat earth.

I suspect @admin believes the earth is flat

shitholes nimeuliza admin …sijamuita nyinyi kunguni

:D:D:D sikuhizi mbuzi ndio inapigia admin guitar


There was a guy here who had created a kenyatalk app… He was to upload it for villagers to test, I just don’t know how it ended @NeverForget


Thanks at last i found someone serious


The goat won the battle.

Sema FIRMAMENT fagha!


App? App? App?