kenya talk and its fake political correctness

my question challenging people to put uhuru on the spot garnered a thread of about 120 replys.
yet any question i address to jakuon is immediately deleted and am now on my last warning!!
talk about freedom of media!! lol

Hata hii itamalaysia in 5.4.3…

Whining lesson 101. Funda!

Let it go son…

maybe you are the goon spreading hate speech …because there’s some other NRM guy posting here na hajaguzwo …so ni wewe tu

Umeona kwanza jamaa anaitwa @Zinov moving around threads begging that the threads be deleted coz they touch on MM, JW or NRM?


he’s on the way to room 101 where all the blocked jifathes are

You can’t win with these asskissers son. Throw in the towel like the rest of us

i have also noticed the snowflake professional whiner