Kenya suffering from lack of leadership, says CJ Maraga

Kenya is facing a leadership crisis and the poor bear the brunt of pandemic corruption, Chief Justice David Maraga has said.

Maraga described the country’s leadership as being on trial and said there is sufficient evidence.

Reiterating that corruption is a pandemic, he accused politicians of “shamelessly plundering public resources without giving a thought to the poor who are in dire need”.

“We can only succeed in passing on the virtue of integrity to others if we live out whatever we say.”


Maraga must be revisited!

Maraga must go! We hate being told the truth

mungich niaje, ulianza hustle?


God bless Maraga

true kuna shida kubwa sana.
sadly the current crop of leaders cannot change the situation. looking at the young crop, not much hope in there either.
we are royally ferked


swafi nikitaka Teefee utaget?

Acha ukutwe

Yes why not

Maraga anapigia mbuzi guitar - Kenyans kitu wanaelewa ni vitu kaa hizi… I thought I could I buy my way to heaven

nikijisort nakutuma

How many corruption cases has the judiciary managed to prosecute or even one that they’ve used as an ‘example’ to others? Even denying bail to corrupt individuals? Maraga should just resign

The Star

How can they prosecute corrupt cases when the executive keeps threatening them with re-visitation and defying court orders?

Too late @Grundy, those corruption cases were presented before them long before the revisit threat. And besides I thot maraga would pinpoint a particular weakness in the system that makes it difficult to prosecute the corrupt

Most corrupt are the most powerful

Kenyans can never have a serious discussion when everything is turned into politics

And he just poured aviation fuel to that mess in August 2017 elections ! Thank to the same leadership he is talking about , they couldn’t allow him set the poor on fire !