Kenya stupid

You do business in China, you must bring 10 million US dollars to china for investment permit.

You do business in Kenya, you must bring nothing, you get free land, free labour, and Kenya will borrow 10 million US dollars to buy your products.

Kenya girl think Chinese and Asia is white man


The amount of propaganda ingrained in our people needs to be seriously evaluated.

Boomers worship the White skinheads like GOD
Millennials are busy daring abroad selling pudesh to white skinheads
Gen Z are in Sodom and Gomorrah season

All white skinheads ideologies

What shall it take for Us to realize we are being LIED to


If i remember correctly, their is a law of demand and supply. Everyone wants to go to China and build their factories there but few want to build factories in shitholes.

We are trying to bring as many investors as possible into the country and putting so many demands and conditions may work against the same

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Investor should bring US dollar, you pig headed African. Kenya borrow US dollar to pay investor, what kind of business is that? Your head hit by a donkey.