Kenya starts exporting medical equipment abroad

Are there enough syringes in our hospitals before we start doing this bonoboism?

Isn’t this an issue of private firms and not government capabilities?

Bonobo wamekua wakicomplain ati kenya can’t make shit but once tunatengeneza something for export tena mnalalamika. Bonobos are enemies of progress.

Haven’t heard of syringe shortage here. Or do people want Kenya to horde them?

We import tooth picks,tissues and cotton for fcuk’s sake,i wouldn’t be surprised if the syringes are made in china at a fraction,brought here and sold at double the price. Do you even know the name of the company that does syringes,ama ni leo umeskia?..i’ll wait

Hujaona imeandikwa locally made. Again once you start to make something you are met with condemnation and scepticism. Today wanauzia Sri lanka… they make a name for themselves and get bigger contracts in years. We may import a lot of shit but with things like this we may equalize the balance of trade. Lakini bonobos wakiona vitu kama hizi the first thing they do ni kuropokwa na hakuna kitu wanajua kuhusu the medical equipment industry. Do you think the people involved in this deal are idiots? With attitudes like yours this place will forever remain a shithole.

Is covid real? Even these Kianjokoma boys might be added to the list of covid casualties. They died from covid induced violence.

And despite all these bado mtaambiwa vaccines don’t work, you need to self quarantine and wear premium masks. Meanwhile Chinese projects zinaebdelea as usual night and day. Them they are apparently immune to the virus.

Last week you talked of how UAE fucks with the weather and it seems to be 100% true! They are not even hiding it any more.

Are these asswipes to be trusted?

I cant imagine. Your sentiments are akin to doing makeup to a donkey. I take it you are from an affluent family and you only see the skim part all rich and creamy. Still waiting for the name of the syringe manfctrs

Kwani wewe ni mjinga aje. Kwa video si wamesema inatengenezwa na Revital Healthcare. Kampuni iko based in Kilifi County. Wamekua wakiproduce million of syringes a month. They created a lot of jobs. From watu wa manufacturing to unskilled labour. Here is a good article about them Local firm approved to produce Covid syringes globally .

Next time before uanze kupayuka kama malaya mwenye hajalipwa educate yourself first. Kabla uanze kutumia stale analogies ujue kuna watu who can start business that are not wines and spirits, matatus, vinyozi na kuuza mashamba. Innovative entrepreneurs exist na wanapata international contracts.

That’s because of WTO rules. We have to open up our market to importers or risk stiff penalties. It also allows other countries to open their markets ro us. Truth be told, Kenya and most of bonoboland have never fully exploited the potential of various trade agreements we signed with the EU or other regions.

There was a time nikiwa campus a short thin EU official came to give a talk On exploiting the economic opportunities within the EU-EAC trade agreement.

When question time came, you could see the veins popping on his head from frustration when instead of being asked inquisitive questions, the askers wanted yo know why Europe was exploiting Africa.

Wacha ujinga, those syringes are made by an EPZ company
NOT a kenyan nyeuthi company.

Even better. Itafacilitate skills transfer. As long as most of the value addition takes place here bado tunabenefit.

Iza basi,sasa utakasirika ka senge ya hapa kijiji? Tuliza na uwache hasira ama nitakutumia bra,unajaza acid kwa tumbo bure. :smiley:

Mi naeza mshambulia na maswali azirai

Is it owned by Kenyans ama ni kama jumia…African by name , registered in a certain European country and owned by 2 french men…

You once again fall into the trap of stupidity. He was part of the EU TRADE envoy. His focus was on educating about trade opportunities that can benefit Kenya. He was not there to discuss politics just what was part of the trade agreement. It was a wasted opportunity.

Bonobos hawana knowledge ya medical equipment. Ni ya muhindi.

Waafrika tutakuwa slaves mpaka tumee akili…

Mnawika hakuna kazi halafu muhindi akiunda kampuni anawapatia kazi tena ni slavery. Hopefully skills transfer will happen bonobo aunde kampuni yake.