Kenya stands with ukraine


President William Ruto has revealed that the Ukrainian government will set up a grain hub at the Port of Mombasa to address food shortage in East Africa.
He made the revelation after holding talks with President Volodymyr Zelensky in New York City on the sidelines of the ongoing United Nations General Assembly - UNGA 2023.
SLAVA UKRAINE…!! :grin::fire::fire:


Zile fertilizer zake was to work wonders sasa anasema shortage.

Huyo Zakayo ni ghassia.
Africa we weren’t taking sides kwa hizo vita


Kuna watu hufikiria na Meno, huyu ni the same ghaseeer who made a weird statement concerning a foreign country as a president mpaka it had to be reiterated it wasnt the government position.
Masikini utulia. Uhunye,obako na moi never took any sides walinyamazia Tu. This illiterate shaggsmodos will be end of us . He should employ me free of charge I advice him
. Malipo nilipwe chai na kamandazi ya statehaus. Fare ntakua najileta straight from my cave hapa kunda kindu stage kitui

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