Kenya-Somqlia War

The United States of America is preparing and equipping Kenya for the obvious.

Be ready, [SIZE=1]more orphans and widows[/SIZE][ATTACH=full]335063[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]335064[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]335067[/ATTACH]

The real winner here is toyota

Even Uncle Sam’s badass operators swear by Toyotas

Where is this

Nikapata hio gun yenye uhunye ameshika niingie pale parliament. I will rest assured my name will be at par with dedan kimathi, Fidel Castro, Nelson Mandela, samora Machel. Napita na masenyeta na empigs Ka wote.

Goddamn, APs are getting all the Cool Guy shit this year. I wonder how Golfs feel about this.

kwani this story is not in the media

Golfs ni nani? Regular police? CID? They’re the ones who drive VWs.

Golf Sierra Unit

Wacha fikra kaa hizo. Our leaders are the reflection of the society.
99.99999% of all society ills are committed by ordinary citizens like you and me. Kunyonga wathii, littering, blocking pavements, refusing to get licenses for business, bribing cops, corrupting offices for favors, grabbing land, hiding legal documents utoe kitu kidogo, kuvamia start up business so that it collapses, kujenga barabara low quality, ku-approve building plans that are just wrong, ku-avoid paying taxes uki import vitu via port, kuiba luggage za watu airport, kuiba stima mtaani, kuuza bangi na muguka, etc. All these crimes are done by the holloi Polloi (hope i got that right)and not by MPs or Senators.

Ghasia Kula hand-outs za wanasiasa bila kupigia elders kelele. Saa hii ume catch after hio freji ya campein ya bibiyai kufungwa.

I think its the AP Special Forces Unit maybe at their headquarters in Yatta. Very secretive. Been taking over a number of tasks traditionally assigned to GSU Recce eg diplomatic security. Former AP commandant Mbugua tried to modernize the AP that was once ridiculed as ‘askari wa chief’. He is still in deepstate and through patronage, this and other AP units may continue upgrade.

I have lived with Africans and people of Colour.

In normal circumstances ( No campaigns, polarization by leaders) all these people are loving and interested in their own good and the good of others.

Maybe America and world governments have created this analogy of terrorism to keep us in check.

The same way we threaten kids with non existent ghosts.

Africans are peace loving people …fighting is influenced by selfish interest groups…

How does one tell the difference between APs and GSU?

Beret and camo.
APs=black beret and Woodlands camo
GSU=Maroon beret and jungle camo

Toyota ni chuma ngumu

Are their training manual similar ? Since both units are paramilitary forces

Can’t say much about police training, no idea what they teach them there besides jogging and carrying jembe handles. What I know is GSU is the only paramilitary unit while APs are just cops in camo. Both train in Embakasi at their own separate schools.