Kenya Sio Fair Aki


Mbwa yeye, of all the things angeiba aliona body lotion? Huyu ni kleptomaniac lakini hana akili za kuiba mabilioni kama politicians wetu. Aende jela course ya miaka mbili ajue kutumia talent yake vile inafaa.

Umejua leo Kenya sio fair?? Jela ni lodging ya peasants. Meanwhile there is cctv footage showing attempted murder by an MP and the victim is a vegetable as the MP enjoys his freedom.
Bails, fines and bonds don’t take into account an individual’s wealth. Kama bail ni 1M, 99% of peasants will rot in jail and the middle class and above will raise it in hours. Most people rotting in prisons are from poor families.

[SIZE=5]Most contradictory statement I’ve ever read.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Msapere what are you talking about? First you claim bails and fines don’t take into account an individuals wealth, alafu you go on to say middle class can raise bail in hours while peasants rot in jail? Meaning bails and fines actually take into account an individuals wealth?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Msapere kwani umekula mutura na kachumbari ya bangi?[/SIZE]

He must have gotten out by now if that post is from 2016. Wonder if he reformed or became worse.

Inakaa una shida ya kuelewa. If they did, they would not be fixed. Bails for specific crimes are fixed or clearly defined and the judge does not consider your financial background. This means wealthier people walk free and poor people rot in jail. Judge hatapea peasant a lower bail for the same crime as a loaded person. Their bail will be the same but one will walk and another will rot in prison.

[SIZE=5]You clearly have zero understanding of how the law works in Kenya.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]There is no ‘fixed’ bail amount. Baboon Owino shot a DJ live on camera. His cash bail was initially set to 10 million Kshs but was later reduced to 5 million kshs. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Of course a broke man wouldn’t be able to raise such a figure. In this case the judge(s) could potentially set the bail reasonably high. As in to a point where a fundraiser can be held on behalf of the criminal. Remember the psychopath Jowie Rungu? [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]I hope I have spoken some sense into your dark skinned head.[/SIZE]

Kenyan judges are always contemptuous of small thieves. Ukiiba kuku unaskumiwa ata miaka kumi. That says a lot about our society.

The victim forgave the Mp and matter was settled out of court…forgiveness is divine.

What a load of garbage. Enyewe kichwa yako ni ya kubeba meno pekee. If two people (a wealthy guy and a peasant) are found guilty of crime X, the judge will fine them based on what the law says not what he thinks. If the law provides a range, that’s when the judge will have some leeway to decide the amount but it also must fall within the stipulated range. For example, if two people break the same traffic laws e.g driving without insurance, they will be fined the same and if the law gives a range, the judge will stick to that range e.g 5k -50k fine.

A 5k pay to the OCPd or Prosecutor, hii kesi ingefungwa. You want to play with the system, then suffer the consequences.

Attempted murder should not be taken as a civil case where out of court settled is an option.

Paralyzing a man from the neck down for life is forgiven in person. In which society? Understand the only reason the victim is alive is because Babu pays for care at a top medical facility. The day he stops paying and the guy has to start going sijui to Kenyatta, is the day he will die. Babu cannot afford making those payments for a long time. When he can’t access CDF funds, story will be over.

Don’t forget, court orders sought under a certificate of urgency. Oh, and something called anticipatory bail exists.

Bail and fines are stipulated in the penal code. The range is defined and fixed. e.g. Kevin Obia(gold scammer sugu) was sentenced to one year jail term or a fine of 300k and he opted to pay the 300k because he can afford it. If the guy above was given the same ruling, he would have served his time because the nigga probably cannot afford to pay 300k.

In Norway for example, fines are determined and vary by income. e.g. Katharina G. Andresen was fined 30,400 USD for drunk driving

[SIZE=5]Msapere wewe ni kichwa ngumu sana.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The law in Kenya is not as straight and narrow as you’re assuming. Judges are some of the most corrupt folks you can ever deal with. I am a lawyer so I know.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The bone of contention was your initial statement: Bails, fines and bonds don’t take into account an individual’s wealth. Kama bail ni 1M, 99% of peasants will rot in jail and the middle class and above will raise it in hours. Most people rotting in prisons are from poor families. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Read that statement 99 times and let it sink in. Only a cow can make such an ambiguous claim.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]You should have said: The law in Kenya is biased in favor of the wealthy and influential.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Do you see how concise and straightforward that sounds? Zombie?[/SIZE]

SIZE=5 Kenyan judges are notorious for subverting the penal code. The level of corruption that exists in some of those courts is astonishing.[/SIZE]

And you are the same people who complain about corruption?

How do you get clients with a rock bottom IQ

Yes. And that had very little to do with the case above. The case above is a misappropriation of justice.