Kenya Sio Choo. Unaingia Na Kutoka Ovyo Ovyo. Ruto Now Learns

Ameanza kukatwa pembe pole pole.


Next should be to seize Weston and the Helicopters Arap Mwizi ajue yeye ni raiya wa kawaida


The gloves are off and they are now openly provoking Luto. First aende kwa subchief apate permit ya kutravel.:smiley: That’s what his people said:D

@sani like this (not)

:D:D:D:D:D… pointless exercise ,This guy are making ruto a larger than life figure,he could have gone to Uganda and no one would have known or cared

In the morning that mp o-nyonga criticised his bottom up economic revival. Even his liutenants can’t explain what it is :D:D

They should just ignore the guy. Am sure he is now happy the way things are playing out there in the media.

Guys are too hard on rutoo ,try ask odomos to explain one of babas many vitenda wilis and you will get the same response ,politics is theatrics ,fun , perception and a lot of crowd euphoria not technical , critical thinking and intelligence way of doing things.

Arap mwizi aatakuwa Hague in a few, thats why ame panick

Almost ALL of those in positions of authority to order such seazure would NOT want such a precedent set because they are also thieves including bangi 1.

Next …