Kenya Should Only Have 10 Counties

The original 8 provinces and Rift valley split into 3 to make a total of 10

Kenya currently runs 48 governments. A 4th World country trying to do thing like the USA whose economy is 1 million bigger times than ours.

Hata hizo 10 za nini…kwani punda hajachoka?

They will be manageable and there will be fewer loopholes to steal cash from

Once a dog has tasted chicken eggs, either you give it a very hot egg or kill it altogether.

Your argument would make sense if there was no corruption during the days of 8 provinces. But those of us who lived in that era know corruption has dogged Kenya through the 80s and 90s

AFRICANS are NOT Humans talk for yourself chieth…

We don’t need county governments in Kenya. We only need to strengthen the CDF concept, allocate more funds and constitute a very powerful anti-corruption body.

Inefficiency, incompetence and Injustice caused by non caring corrupt leaders, is the reason we changed the constitution, introduced devolution and the county governments. Since those changes, corruption has expanded to dizzy heights.

There is no system that can work effectively with corruption, likewise, a reasonably good system cannot fail in the absence of corruption.

Where will the ant-corruption people come from? …are they not almost all picked from the same pool.

Intriguing question!

A county is just a hyped name for local government. The problem is they think they are similar to the national government.

Which is the best approach.

  1. SA/Canada structure
    8-10 regional governments with parliamentary system
    250 local governments based on the sub counties.
    2.UK-Westmister structure
    Two metropolitan counties
    Two tier local government with 45 rural counties and 250 district councils.
  2. US structure
    8-10 Federal states with popularly elected governors
    250 local governments

Based on what is happening, one of this fine days, we will find chunks of local county territories are longer parts of Kenya, local governments used them as collateral which they lost.

It doesn’t matter which approach is selected, with entrenched corruption all would fail.

No corruption and honest good will, that system of government we got rid of would work.
Government success is determined by the the type and nature of people who manage it. It’s civil servants and all the arms of gov on behave of the citizens; from the Top to Bottom.

you are not tackling one major querry, how can corruption be curbed because it’s the root cause of all systems failure?

wooi that was possible before devolution , now it’s impossible.
wakubwa washaonja pesa