Kenya SHOULD be like South Africa

There’s this BBC documentary that’s making rounds on the internet about xenophobia in South Africa.

Look, I actually applaud those South Africans for being brave enough to kick people out of their country. Sometimes, hard times require tough measures.

If Kenyans were as brave as South Africans, we’d never have the Somalia problem in Eastleigh, or the Indian problem in Parklands, or even the Italian problem in Malindi. However, Kenyans are mostly cowards and too accepting of foreigners to take any action against them.

Now, South Africans need to start attacking the Boers and drive them out. Kenyans should learn a thing or two from our Southern cousins. The funny thing is that in that YouTube documentary, there’s plenty of Kenyans in the comments saying “Oh, Kenya is so welcoming”, “Kenyans would never do this” etc etc. Fucking cucks! No wonder foreigners dominate every sector of the economy. Pathetic!


I’ve been a supporter of Baba for a while now, however one of his greatest undoings was when curving up the National cake, he demanded to have one of his as the Minister of State for Immigration and Registration of Persons, Gerald Kajwan’g himself.
The damage that they did to the country is irreparable to this day.
Kajwan’g issued National IDs to so many aliens, from Somali origin, then Baba cemented it by agreeing to make Mombasa a caliphate. We all remember how that controversy. That way he was assured of votes from Moyale through to Coast. I guess his greed for power messed us up big time.


So americans should also kick your azz out of the US?


Black people in America have a lot of social capital and political clout. Nobody messes with Black people here. If you’re Black, people automatically assume you’re American by default. Asians/Indians/Hispanics are seen as “other” and will always be perpetual foreigners.

No matter what you’ve heard, Black is actually the best color to be in America. Shout out to Black Americans who made it possible for every Black person to be considered American by default, unless you use your loud mouth to say you’re Kenyan lmao.


italians wana fanya nini huko malindi?

Unaongea hii na wewe ni refugee kwa wenyewe huko USA, what if they also decide to kick you out . All the world belongs to humans wherever they might be . Political boundaries were created by greedy fools to finish the human freedom of movement granded to is by God

You dont know what you are talking about.

American belongs to the Red Indians, you Mafacker

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KKK waweke noose kwa this othaya man.

We know you’re trolling.

Ata wewe your ancestors niko sure walimigrate to Kenya.So watu tujifunze tu kucoexist with each other.

Native Americans. Ati Red Indians. Have you been living under a rock for the past 20 yrs? :rofl: