Kenya seeks to ban UAE flights.

Mimi naona these lawmakers are toughening up juu iliwa affect somehow. They planned to fly out their gachungwas to Dubai for New Year but the ban stopped them in their tracks. Now they are retaliating. Either way, the Arabs should be put in their place.


Laws are made by the elite for the elite.

This ban mostly affects people with $$ who make laws. They have probably registered many companies at the Dubai International Financial Center to dodge taxes.

Expect local lawmakers to act soon. This ban affects them, not mama mbogas.

This will prevent our side chics who live in Dubai from visiting us.

It should happened like yesterday. Kenya we are very soft being led by Konyagi wamunyota

This ban has affected the big wigs only no wonder they are trying to act up!

Arabs win, always

Very true. They feel the pinch more.

Kenya wanajaribu stunt ya nigeria? It will backfire on them premiumly:D

UAE wakae ngumu kabisa. Infact waweke lifetime ban on Kenyan women under 30. Ma Kunguru wetu walikuwa wanatumaliza na hizi trips za Dubai banae. Hii holiday tumeponea chupu chupu.

nonsense, we retaliated on the UK and it worked



we are led by negroes who dont see value in other negroes… we are led by leaders who are wazungu or waarabu in black skin… na hapo ndio shida iko…

thats why i advice negroes to vote for woke africans who love other africans …sio watu brainwashed …but nobody sees this as a valid solution… hamjui its the only solution for negroes… mtajua hamjui


Agreed but look at our youth who are the future leaders kazi ni "tumesalimia Wangapi? , mwisho 150/= na kuinua skirt alafu…
No hope. Wacha tulambe “White” cup pole pole