Kenya Security Services prevent what would have been a big terrorist bomb attack

The Suicide Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (SVBIED) laden with approximately 80 Kgs of high grade Trinitrotoluene (TNT) intercepted in Merti,Isiolo County was to be used to conduct a massive terror attack in Nairobi.

Kudos to our officers.

WTF… Good job, I just hope the arrested those terroristas

Let’s support our officers, kudos to them

@pamba, kuja ninunulie wewe nyama na ka quarter

Woi this would have a disaster. Whoever gave them the tip saved hundreds… Gava needs to spend more money on intel gathering in northeastern so we can find the bombmaker who made these explosives.

Great! Is this the one which carried the headlines the other day or another one?

The same, forensic officers have been going through it step by step. Now its done and can be presented.

The same type of bombing that took place in Mogadishu killed over 400 people from the bombing alone. Now add those killed by the weapons and those injured but luckily still alive. The same truck bombing was used to attack KDF bases in Somali.

And then some mkora activist judge give them bail then declare no evidence since there are no photos of the terrorists making and holding the said explosives

That’s some serious amount of BOOM! Good job ! sasa hao majamaa wang’olewe makende mpaka waseme network yao inaanzia wapi

Good job Kenya police keep it up


They need to find this master bomb maker.

He’s probably someone with military experience. Definitely Kenyan since this attack was directly aimed at the government and police headquarters. NIS should be pouring through army records of discharged personnel who have disappeared.

Recent bombings have been towards our armed forces so it must be people who despise the government very much.

Mwenye alishikwa na hii sidhani makende yake ni functional sahii.

Video style ama…? Na mbona naona nikama kuna behind the scene footage

Dismantling sleeper cells sio kazi rahisi, it comes with the risk of cells going underground once they realize that one is on their tail. Kudos to the officers and agencies involved.

vipi master

I’m worried that the developing proxy war in Somali is distracting them from finishing alshabab. saudi arabia/uae on one hand and qatar/turkey on the other. Both supporting or not supporting the Somali government due to their M.E rivalries. Federal government of Somali was dubai world to be kicked out of Somaliland port control. Some sources point that the massive bomb blast attack has elements of uae support. uae is building military navy base in Eritrea which prompted Ethiopia to buy 30% shares in Somaliland port to counter 49% dubai world control by being present in its operation and providing supervision.

You will never see this kind of news in your 9pm bulletins …why??? The goverment is not performing and should be removed ASP