Kenya Reaches 1 Million 4G subscribers

Thank you to all our customers for placing Kenya on the global map with 1 Million 4G customers. You can now enjoy our 4G network across all 47 counties

Jubilee Dev, Kusema na kutenda!

So when are they going to announce that the #Resist upuss has been a massive failure?

Hii line ya Faiba 4G nani ametumia atuambie venye iko

Fast as fuck but expensive as hell

I meant Faiba 4G

Ata ifike 7G hizo bei sisi peasants hatumudu.

safaricom na bei zao hatuwezani

Faiba was brought in to tame Safaricom ans sincerely it will…

Have you considered the cost of a faiba compatible phone?

Of this 1million probably 1000 are with Telcom, 200 with Faiba

next year phones below 15k with faiba suppprt zitakua kwa maduka saizi ata kuna nokia 2 ya 11k

that is safaricom only

Yea Nokia 2 goes for 11k…are you by chance a peasant??

It depends on your boundary limits for a peasant mind you I own a HuaweI p9 na haisupport


Lakini buda usijali…next year utapata phones ziko compatible na hyo band…

Wanasema p9 iko but searching it siipati

The specific P9 model is L09 hizo zingine hazi support band 28 this is going by gsmarena

I don’t think most of the users will have the Sim card on a phone instead a 4G router will be their ideal gadget.Personally i already have Airtel and Safaricom as my main phone lines and soon getting Faiba purely for data.I checked with faiba about coverage and they said Wangige /Lower Kabete has 4G though not very good reception.