Kenya Power.

Sijui kama hii imepostiwa. If so, then matusi nitapokea. Apparently the power tarrifs are being revised downwards. But are the other charges going to increase? Nothing is ever as it looks in Kenya.

“KPLC will shut down prepaid service tonight (12am) to implement new tariffs. Vending will resume tomorrow 2pm. Customers advised to buy tokens before shutdown”

If zinakuwa cheaper najua wasee watawasha candles wanunue kesho

Watu kama sisi wa 500kw hatutasaidika

I swear its an excuse to make people suffer…
Just updating the unit price shouldn’t take 14hrs…all u need is downtime of 10 min, update price per unit…n go live with a refreshed system…lakini hizi pumbaff zinataka kutubeba umama

Wanataka kuuza as many units as possible using the old price, I’m sure leo wamekafunga kama ghaseer.

thitima inapanda, SIENZI

Concurred, Mpesa, Telcos and banks regularly do system upgrades after midnight and mostly within two hours they are usually done, test the system and by morning services are back to normal.
But Kenya Power must always make you feel their might.

Hiyo consumption yako is a strange one.
You are normally charged in Kwh.

I’m a strange fellow @Mathaais