Kenya Power old board v new board- Clean up

Old board members.


New board members.



Why shocked

We Dem Arabs …first board member

Hata qualifications is a step up kabisa

kenya power board is ceremonial, insttructions on big business come from the ministry of energy

Elizabeth Rogo- Representative of the king pin that milk kenya power dry

:D:D:D bingwa group.INC ameland

lakini hata kusema ukweli uki compare qualifications za the two batches kuna difference kubwa sana

Sometimes. People with academic qualifications huwa shitty sana kwa ideas.

I hope they at least bring down the cost of electricity down

Academic dwarfs kama wewe huwa hamchelewi kutokelezea. It is no one’s fault that hukusoma sana.

Hehe, subsaharan una uchungu sana. I used “sometimes” besides, I am a fan of street lessons as opposed to academic lessons.

What you mean is that tangatanga wametupwa nje…

which world are you people living in,even though the previous board qualifications are wanting,the new board qualifications do not mean improved services.From where i am the gold standard is,after having the qualifications what can you do?What have you done in the past?Even if small,what is it?How relevant is it to this sector?

The cheapest power we shall ever have might be around 2035 when contracts with expensive diesel power generators expire.Maybe that is the reason some manufactures leave,they rather go and come back huko 2035.Could it be challenges being experienced by KP are by design to maximize payments to these contractors?Having a single company like KP has its ups and down,but now than ever the calls to allow other players in the field have become common,could it be such calls are fueled by those being phased out?Could it be it cannot be done because of the many contracts KP has signed with independent power producers?

These are just political appointments the same way Sarah Serem is representing Kenya pale Beijing.

Why don’t they have one electrical engineer on the board?