Kenya power dynamics

In 3rd world Power Plays,Four things are Critical:

Thing 1:
There are 16 people[excluding the President] who run the state, only three sit in the cabinet mtgs.
And there is always a meeting before and after the basically others are joy riders.Then there are executors,it can be a small/middle level desk officer like a Regional commissioner or just a guy you call a drunkard like Murathe but they have direct ear of the Head of state and his Men, He can even be a ward-drope changer of the Big man but they always access the Decision maker at ease and at the right time.Strange things happen there!

Thing 2:
Sadly,The state retains the monopoly of Money,Violence,Blackmail,Extortion,Murder and processes.You need three things to overcome them,God, International community and millions of Die-hard supporters ready to commit suicide if the state gave you a rope to hang’ yourself.

Thing 3:
Kriegler told us, so long as there’s widespread poverty and no proper police reforms(Forget change of name and uniform) there will be violence after every contested election that will happen especially when we still don’t have Presidential elections decided by the so called “voters”.To illustrate this point,we do not bother to even know the chair or head of British or America’s electoral body,here its a big deal. In Kenya and most African states,It is who counts the vote rather than who votes!

Thing 4:
Legislators behave exactly the way their electorates behave,as long as there’s something they can get from you,they will give you all manner of Names and praises,Chairman,mtongoria,jamba,omwami,Jakom,Jatelo,Prezda ,Daktari,our only hope,Nabi

It is meg Cabot who said “The brave may not live forever but the cautious never live at all”