Kenya Power Contractor Demanding 450k Motivation

Definitely nothing new but this vice has to be uprooted from the core.

The Contractor, who is serving, the Kangundo Road area is frustrating the government pledge to increase power supply across the country by demanding his palms be greased with KES 450,000

Residents of the area are left with no alternative but to meet the demands of this thief.

This post will serve as a prime example of the non existent government efforts to root out corruption from it’s ranks. Admin pin it and I will report back if and when action is taken against the sleazy contractor.

What is the cost of getting electricity supply in your area?

450k per household?!

No. The corner of the village requiring connection

Kenya is a country of interests ,hio pesa iko cut mpaka ya md

Which area of Kangundo rd?

Huyo contractor atajua hajui