Kenya Power Coming To Inspect ALL Meters Countrywide. Illegal Connections, You've Been Warned

Chunga sana boi.


Sawa electrician

They’ll only take a non representative sample size but spend billions in the exercise.

Rada chafu:D:D

That’s true. This is another scandal in the making.

Hii operation ni ya vitongoji in eastlands and slum areas… guys in karen wont be disturbed…

They can come and check this

Swafi sana. Also check out Bosch Solar equipment.


Haven’t they done this like twice in the last two months already?

umetaja Bosch ads zao zimejaa apa chini. I’m amazed at how these things work

Good. Good. I have fixed it.

Nataka iyo inverter


Besha shigana?

Wachunge sana watafinywaa.

What a messy installation :oops::oops:!!!

Worst advertisement for really cool equipment!

Quite the opposite. They won’t set foot in the slums unless they want to be lynched. Electricity and water cartels in the informal settlements are no joke.

Very poorly done wiring
Poor workmanship

If you want a neat finish, position the batteries in such a way that the terminals will be closer to each other so that the jumper from one batter to the other will be just like 5 inches

The finishing might not be the best, but the wiring is is safe and adequate for the loads