Kenya power auctioned

KRA has issued a notice to auction KP transformers. It has been given 30 days to pay up the taxes on imported transformers. Wise people know that this is Jayden’s family plan of acquiring major stake in KPLC

Bei ya Token naona ikipanda, more so to US people of Tokkens

Sasa nani atanunua transformer?

Shareholders wa KLPC, then resale to KPLC at a higher price.

When a country borrows from the IMF, its government agrees to adjust its economic policies to overcome the problems that led it to seek financial aid. These policy adjustments are conditions for IMF loans and serve to ensure that the country will be able to repay the IMF. They call it “structural benchmark”
Wameona mna deni ya machinku na imewalemea yet govt. inapump over 86birrions to dormant slayqueen companies.KBC,Posta,KQ,ports,pipeline,kengen and public universities.Some of these companies might be merged as others are dissolved

such parastatals might go down with the country. Thus, the government is expected to conduct a health check of some 20+ state owned ents. with the goal of restructuring them.
(Kwanza mumeambiwa mutaje covid millionaires then they will reconsider.)[/SIZE]
Raundi hii watu yangu mutafraaia

KPLC ultuwekea vikingi na service lines 6 months ago na bado transformer,and the same are lying idle somewhere. Mwafrika hataweza elevuka even after 10000 years

Kuna kitu inaitwa organized chaos. Basically, a crisis is engineered by people who know they stand to benefit from the resulting chaos.

Didn’t they already have it? But robber barons always think in an expansionist mind.

Wale watu hichota hio mafuta yake :smiley: