Kenya Power and the low power bills mirage

Forget about the myriad Kenya power/Kengen expansion projects that spear keeps posting here, those are only avenues of theft to enrich tendeprenuers.
Yesterday ERC purported to lower power bills by scrapping the standing charge of 150 shs per month.
What they didn’t tell you was that the overall tarriff review increased the overall cost of power per unit and not lower it as many erroneously thought.

Bandit economy…thuraku movement itajua haijui…

Shetani akikurudishia socks jua amechukua trouser.

Mdomo baggy hana makosa ni kunikisha kitunguu tu!Hata kesho unaeza ona thread na headline
“Jubilee development-Muthamaki now shits mecury locally,no more imports”

@spear njonaaa thaani kwa mbare ya Gathecha.

Hio headline ingine ndio interesting… So Canaan was the proverbial Jubilee party… Fcukin sait nimehama Jubilee.

A powerful jubilee honcho grabbed the promised land, that’s why the NASA guys are camping there!

imeincrease from 2.50 to 12ksh per unit…

:D:D shafting continues



I love the way people laugh at shinny eyes at times like these - wakisema watakipata as if they are the only ones feeling the pinch.

jinga saidi.