Kenya polytechnic aka TUK

The situation today


What are yu talking about? sioni anything

Repost jinga


Not necessary

This was today ,tommorow kuld be worse.[ATTACH=full]186371[/ATTACH]

hao watoto ni waooooooga! Teargas tatu they all scampered and in less than five mins haile selassie was back to normal. Walienda hapo next na office za KPLC kuchukua selfies vile hao ni moto ya kuotea mbali:D:D:D:D

he he kweli awanni waoga ,commotion dint last mo than 30 mins.

What do you expect from blueband kids whose biggest achievements are followers and likes on social media.

ati 30 mins? shit didnt even last 10 mins vile walijaribu kublock haile selassie avenue. teargas mbili hapo GPO, moja Railways, it was done! Looters cant join such a sissy crowd!