Kenya police to haiti, is it mandatory

Are the police going to haiti, given an option to go or is it mandatory

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they are targeting the brainless greedy types… unaonyeshwa 100k per month… unakimbia huko pew pew… body bag… same happened to Brazilian force sent there


Am sure there is alot of bribery going on now. To be included.
Lets hope no body bags will be coming back.



Hapo ni kuajibika, kama mali ya serikali. Hakuna kujitetea

Zi wanaenda watalipwa 15k daily

There is no way in hell police from the traffic department would volunteer to go. These corrupt fucks rake in more money in a month than what they would get in 6months in Haiti.

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They follow orders, everybody knows most of them will come back in body bags. Kama mkubwa huwa anakutafuta unawekwa list, if you manage to come back you will be richer and you will thank him/her, if you come back in a body bag then his/her little problem has been solved. Win win for the mkubwa.


@olycrank why do you care about kenya police?

when they are killing the kenyan demonstrator, they show no mercy. how come they are cowards when facing Haiti demonstrator?

Are they bold when facing the weak, and afraid when they meet their match?

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They are not going for war but peace keeping mission just like it happened in Yugoslavia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, DRC, Mali, CAR…though lazima wakwaruzane mildly once in a while.

Wewe ni mjinga aina Gani? Jeez, people are no longer afraid to display their stupidity.

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Our very own @pamba prolly now an OCS should avail himself there atese

Niko na boy wangu ako eastern province. Alinishow akichaguliwa he will resign from police. He has massive investment from corruption.